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Портал Рефератов


Контрольная: Контрольная работа

Контрольное задание № 3.

I. Заполните пропуски словами:

a little, a few, few, little

1. Let me think a little before I answer your question

2. The plane had taken off and there were a few passengers in the


3. I had very little time last night and watched TV for only a few minutes.

4. Our flat is not very large and there is a little furniture in it.

5. It was cold outside and we skated just a little bit.

6. The new jetliner has made only a few flights abroad.

II. Заполните пропуски производными от:

Some, any, no, every (+body, +thing, +where)

1. I what to tell you something about the result of the tests as the

engineer had not told us nothing about them.

2. Somebody phoned you when you were out but I couldn’t find you anywhere.

3. I don’t know anything about the remaining goods, as the sellers have

not sent us their answers yet.

4. Has somebody made arrangements about out visit to the exhibitions?

I’m sorry, nobody told me about it yet.

5. We will go nowhere to night as the weather is bad. I think everybody

will be glad to stay at home and watch TV.

III. Передайте следующие приказания в косвенной речи по данному


1. Make an appointment with Mr. X (He told me to make an appointment

with Mr. X)

2. Reserve accommodation for Mr. Camp (He asked me to reserve

accommodation for Mr. Camp)

3. Clarify some matters with your people. (He ordered me to clarify some

matters with your people.)

4. Look through the price-list (He appealed her husband to look through

the price list).

IV. Дайте развернутые ответы на следующие вопросы, обращая

внимание на употребление времен в придаточных предложениях времени и условия

1. What will you do if the technical conditions of the order don’t suit


If the technical conditions of the order don’t suit me, I will insist on

making changes in the order.

2. Will pen a Letter of Credit if you don’t receive a cable of the

readiness of the goods for the shipments?

If I don’t receive a cable of the readiness of the goods for shipment, I will

not open a letter of Credit.

3. Will you give the Buyers a discount off the prices if they increase

their order?

I will give the buyers a discount off the price if they increase their order.

4. What discount off the price will you give the Buyers if they increase

their order?

If the buyers increase the order, I will give them 10% discount off the price.

5. What will you do before you place an order with a foreign firm?

I will make sure that this foreign company holds the bunch off all necessary

patents and licenses for working abroad, before placining an order with a

foreign firm.

6. What will you do after you receive the cable from the sellers that

goods are ready for shipment?

If I receive a cable from sellers that goods are ready for shipment, I will

make all necessary arrangements and send a ship to sellers’ storage.

7. What will you do when you return from the office?

When I return from the office, I will book two tickets for a new capturing

play at a local theatre.

V. Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время

An American farmer wanted to make an air trip. He never had an opportunity to

fly before. There was an airport the some miles off his farm. So, one morning

he came there and said to one of the flyers: “I have never made an air-trip

and if you let me fly I will pay for it”. The flyer told him that the pay was

10 dollars for a 10-minute trip. “Can’t you reduce the price? It’s somewhat

high”, the farmer said.

The flyer answered: “I won’t take any money, if you don’t say a word during

the whole trip. But if you begin speaking, the price will be increased”.

The farmer thought it was very good condition. The flyer added: “You may take

your wife if she wants to join you”. The farmer was happy.

When he came home his wife was cooking dinner. He told her about the air

trip. “I settled it with one of the flyers. We will go tomorrow”. By 3

o’clock the next day they were up in the air. While the plane was going up

and down at a high speed the passengers didn’t say a word. “You are brave

people”, the flyer said to the farmer after the landed. “I thought you were

afraid to fly”. “I am glad I won’t pay for the trip”, answered the farmer,

“But I was about to speak to you when my wife fell out if the plane”.

VI. Переведите предложения задания V, где вы должны были

поставить нужное по смыслу время

1. Прежде, у него никогда не было возможности полетать.

2. Я никогда раньше не летал, и если бы вы позволили мне совершить

путешествие по воздуху, я бы вам за это заплатил.

3. Летчик сказал: «Я не возьму с вас никаких денег при условии, что вы

не скажете ни одного слова на протяжении всего полета»

4. Но если начнете говорить, цена будет увеличена.

5. Летчик добавил: « Вы можете взять с собой свою жену, если она захочет.

6. Я договорился с одним летчиком.

7. В то время, когда самолет взмыл вверх и опрокидывался вниз на высокой

скорости, пассажиры не сказали ни слова.

8. Вы смелые люди, - сказал летчик фермеру, после того как они


VII. Переведите следующий диалог.

Mr.S: Так, Мистер Кэмп, вчера мы обсуждали цену наших турбин и общий объем

заказа. Ну, так, какое окончательное решение?

Mr.С: Я посоветовался со своими людьми, и мы решили увеличить объем заказа

до 25 турбин.

Mr.S: В этом случае мы можем предоставить 5-ти процентную скидку.

Mr.С: Прекрасно! Вопрос цены отлажен. Какие у вас условия оплаты?

Mr.S: Наши покупатели обычно производят оплату письмом аккредитивом, согласно

товаропроизводительной документации.

VIII. Продолжите диалог, охватив следующие моменты.

- What Bank would you recommend me to open of Letter of Credit with?

- O, it’s International Trust London Bank, they open a Letter of

Credit under the most profitable conditions.

- I’d like to settle the problem of delivery period won’t be longer

than 2 weeks period. Does that suit you?

- Oh, certainly! And we would like to receive the first parcel within

a week. Is that possible?

- Yes, I think it is. As long as it’s not the whole volume we can

take several turbines from our local storage at our factory.

- Oh, that’s very interesting! Could I visit your factory?

- Of course, why not. What if we go there tomorrow morning? Is

that convenient for you?

- Oh, sounds grate!

- So, see you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow.

IX. Составьте диалог на основе следующего задания.

- Hello, I’m Mr. Smith, the head of manufacturing department.

- Hello, I’m Mr. Black, representative of Yamaha Company.

- So, you’d like to buy our motors, right?

- Yes, that’s right, but first of all I’d like to discuss the terms

of payment.

- Well, the most convenient to make payments against shipping

documents by a Letter of Credit.

- And what about the time of delivery?

- It’s not going to take long. We have direct supplies from the


- I’d like to know exactly.

- The time of delivery is less than 1-week period.

- OK. That suits me. We have a deal!

Контрольное задание № 4.

I. Раскройте скобки, употребляя

эквиваленты модальных глаголов в соответствующем времени.

1. We didn’t have to take a taxi because we had a lot of time before the

plane took of.

2. I don’t think we will be able to check the prices just after the


3. Our president is to sign the contract with the British firm at 10

o’clock today.

4. The president said during the talks that they were not able to reduce

their prices for the good.

5. Do you have to get the materials ready right away?

6. Mr. Camp couldn’t wait any more as he was to go the airport in an hour.

7. Do you have to reserve a room in advance to get accommodation at the

hotel last month?

II. Выберите правильный вариант (other, another, the other).

  1. The firm has some more branches in Southern Europe. You will have to

    contract another branch.

  2. We are going to place another

    orders with this company.

  3. The firm has two branches in U.K. and

    Co. quotes very high prices. Will you please contact the other branch?

  4. I’ve not seen these materials yet. I’ve looked through another materials.

III. Заполните пропуски возвратными или эмфатическими местоимениями.

(myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself,

ourselves, yourselves, themselves)

1. I believe we’ll be able to eliminate these defects ourselves.

2. They themselves want to test equipments.

3. He promised to attend to this important question himself.

4. If Mr. Camp comes to our office tomorrow, I’ll speak to him myself.

5. She herself is retired now but her husband is still working.

6. If you walk down the street you’ll find yourself in front of the

theatre in 5 minutes.

7. The motor itself meets all our technical requirements but you should

change the insulation yourself.

IV. Сравните следующие ниже понятия, употребляя конструкции as . as,

not so . as.

  1. The weather in Moscow is not as hot as in the


  2. Our prices are as high as their prices.
  3. This

    machine is not as good as that one.

VI. Переведите

предложения под номерами 1, 2, 3, 4 данного выше текста, учитывая первое

правило согласования времен.

  1. Он часто говори друзьям, что

    мог повторить в точности определить характер человека, судя по его


  2. Она сказала, что хочет узнать, что думал Бальзак о

    характере мальчика.

  3. К тому же женщина сказала, что этот мальчик

    не был ее сыном, и Бальзак может говорить правду.

  4. И он сказал, что

    мальчик был нехорошим и ленивым парнем.


Замените все предложения, данные в прямой речи предложениями в косвенной

речи. Предложения переведите.

1. The hotel clerk sad that he was really sorry, because the elevator

didn’t work that night. Клерк сказал, что ему очень жаль, так как лифт этой

ночью не работает.

2. And offered to make beds for them in the hall. И предложил поставить

им кровати в холле.

3. Young man didn’t agree, and said that they would go upstairs to their

room. Молодой человек не согласился, и сказал, что они будут подыматься в

свою комнату.

4. Then he said to his friends that on the way to their room, he would

tell them some jokes, Andy would sing some songs and Peter would tell them

some sad stories, so time would go fast. Затем он сказал, что по дороге до их

комнаты, он расскажет им несколько шуток, Энди споет песни, и Петер

расскажет несколько грустных историй, и время пройдет быстро.

5. One of them said that by that time it was Peter’s turn to tell them a

long sad story. Один из них заметил, что пришло, и время Петера рассказать им

длинную грустную историю.

6. Peter gave a sigh and said that he had a very sad story to tell them.

Петер вздохнул и сказал, что у него есть для них очень грустная история.

7. They had left the key to their room in the hall. Они оставили ключ от

их комнаты в холле.

VIII. Составьте диалоги на основе следующих ситуаций:


- Hello, my name is Mr. Smith. I need to stay for a night at this

hotel. Could you let me a room?

- Yes, we have rooms. What floor would you prefer?

- I’d like the 2nd floor. How much does it cost?

- Well, it costs 60$ per 24 hours.

- Opps, it’s a kind of expensive for me. I have only 30$.

- Ok, that’s not a problem. I can offer you a room on the 5th

floor. It costs 27$.

- Ok, that sounds grate. Any formalities?

- Yes, you should fill in the form. Write down your name, address and


- Ok, done, anything else?

- No, here’s your key, room № 504.

- Thanks


- Hello, it’s Ala France De Pasatizhi Hotel, speaking.

- Hello, I’d like to reserve accommodation for 1 man.

- Yes please, your name.?

- Oh, now it’s not for me. It’s for my co-worker; he’s coming the

next Monday for 10 days period.

- Ok, from November 10th till November 20th. It

will cost you 600$. Does that suit you?

- Oh, certainly.

- In that case you should come up to the hotel in order to settle

some formalities?

- Ok, I’ll come tomorrow morning.

- You’re welcome.